Emails in 15 Easy Steps

Waltham, MA: Small businesses now have a faster and easier way to create professionally designed and branded emails and campaigns that look great on any device – from the biggest desktop to the slimmest smartphone. The next-generation editor from Constant Contact, is designed to help customers spend less time creating emails and more time engaging customers and donors.


Using the new editor, time starved business owners can take advantage of even greater flexibility and intuitive functionality to create compelling campaigns. For example, the templates in the new editor feature flexible “smart” columns that allow for easy drag-and-drop, so images, text, and button elements can be added or moved almost anywhere. Every aspect of the editing experience, from inserting and sizing images, to selecting and applying colors is easier, helping users create the perfect campaign in less time.

With significant enhancements for overall improved user experiences, the key new features and benefits of the next-generation editor include:

  • Mobile responsive templates: Based on mobile best practices, these new, professional looking mobile responsive templates automatically adjust to fit any screen, whether customers are viewing messages on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Simplified editing options: The new context-focused menus and options allow users to find the right editing tools at the right time, quickly customize templates, and create professional looking emails that perfectly match a company’s brand.
  • Import PDF to email: Using a PDF-to-email feature, customers can quickly create an email from a PDF without having to use a third-party application to convert the PDF to an image or recreate the content using editing tools.
  • Polished drag-and-drop experience: A WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”), intuitive drag and drop experience lets users quickly create campaigns leveraging existing editing skills. Additionally, the enhanced real time formatting updates let users see how the email looks as they go, saving even more time during the editing process. inbox blueprint 2.0 download
  • Undo/Redo: Since the editor remembers all edits while the user is actively creating an email, customers can easily recover previous changes.
  • Smart columns: The smart columns feature lets users easily resize column width and drag and drop an image, text, or button and place it directly next to another image, text or button without having to add a new block or change the layout.

“Small business owners are laser focused on growing their business and while they appreciate the critical role email marketing plays in growing their business, the reality is that the majority aren’t professional marketers,” said Piyum

Samaraweera, vice president of product management at Constant Contact. “This new editor makes it easy for them to quickly create compelling emails that look professional on any device.”

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