How the internet of things has changed the way we buy, share, and sell news and information

As part of our annual report, The Huffington’s digital team has put together an interactive infographic that breaks down how the internet has changed how we buy and share news and other information over the past three decades.

We’ve also put together some fun facts and figures for you to take a peek at.1.

There are now more than 3 billion internet-connected devices in the world.2.

We can now buy a house on the cheap with a smartphone.3.

There is now an app for that.4.

There has been a global rise in internet-enabled devices since 2013.5.

The total number of connected devices in our homes has grown to nearly 5.5 billion.6.

More than 4.3 billion people now have access to a digital media device.7.

People who watch television or use their phones as their primary means of communication are the most likely to have a device with an internet connection.8.

Over the past decade, the average number of people connected to the internet on a daily basis has increased by 1.3 percent.9.

There were 1.2 billion devices connected to a smartphone in 2013.10.

More Americans have a smartphone than a PC or tablet.11.

Nearly 40 million devices are now connected to WiFi.12.

The number of homes connected to wifi has increased dramatically over the last three years.13.

There have been 2.4 billion connected devices on the internet in 2015.14.

There was an average of over 40,000 people connected in 2015 to a WiFi network.15.

There’s been an increase in the number of tablets with internet connectivity.16.

There now are 2.3 million devices with a WiFi radio on them.17.

There used to be 1.7 billion devices in use in 2013, but there were only 7.4 million in 2015, the first time since 2011 that there has been such a large decline in devices on our networks.18.

In 2015, there were 3.5 million wireless phones in use on our network.19.

The average household in the United States owns around 4.5 smartphones, but the average household owns 1.5 devices with internet access.20.

More smartphones are being sold in the U.S. than in the last five years.21.

The proportion of U..

S.-based companies that use the internet to their fullest potential is at an all-time high.22.

According to a recent survey by Nielsen, 40 percent of the US population is now on wifi.23.

The world is now home to over 7 billion devices that have internet connectivity, and that number will reach 10 billion by 2020.24.

Today, the U

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