The U.S. and Russia are discussing a deal to buy crude oil and natural gas from Russia

LONDON — The U: “The Russian Federation is trying to increase its supply of natural gas by about 100 billion cubic feet of gas a day, according to a draft agreement reached between Russia and the U.K. The United States and Russia have agreed to a deal that will see Russia buy U.N.-sanctioned crude oil, and by a similar amount of natural-gas.

The two countries also agreed to share in the cost of a pipeline to ship Russian natural gas to Europe.

In a statement, the U.-K.

Treasury Department said that the agreement was made after Russia’s ambassador to the U-K.

visited the U., the U of T and London.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his U.KS. counterpart, Vladislav Surkov, attended the meeting.

The senior official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the negotiations. “

This agreement will be very important for Russia, for the U to see the importance of it, and for the United States to see how important it is to reach an agreement, because this is very important,” said a senior U. S. official.

The senior official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the negotiations.

Lavrov said the agreement will help Russia meet the needs of its people and increase its access to gas supplies.

He said the deal would increase gas supplies to the West by more than 500 billion cubic meters, or about 25 percent of what Russia currently supplies.

The agreement will also help Ukraine increase its gas supplies, and increase the flow of natural natural gas in the region, said Surkov.

In exchange for the deal, the United Kingdom and Russia will share in a 1.6 billion cubic meter (about 1.3 billion cubic foot) pipeline from Russia to Ukraine.

The U.-S.

deal is one of a series of steps Russia is taking to strengthen its grip on energy supplies.

Russia is also planning to open up its energy sector to foreign investment and boost domestic energy production.

Russia has been ramping up its production of natural and renewable energy, which is vital to the nation’s energy needs.

The Kremlin also has been working on a pipeline that would connect Europe and Asia to the Russian mainland.

Russia plans to build a natural gas pipeline to connect Europe with Russia by 2021.

In March, the Kremlin said it was opening up a pipeline network to Asia and the United Arab Emirates, which have been waiting for an export terminal built in Turkey.

The project has been criticized by Western countries, who say it could be used for energy smuggling.

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