Is Sim 3’s 2nd update worth it?

Sim 3, the first sim to be published by Square Enix, has just been updated to version 2.0.3.

The update adds a few new features, and adds the ability to play online with friends.

In addition, Sim 3 now features new animations, more detailed graphics and more content.

Sim 3 2.5 has also been released, which adds some extra features and a couple of bug fixes.

Here’s what’s new in the update:• New animations: new characters, objects and environments• New audio: new songs and new sounds• New weather: weather changes across the globe• New items: new weapons, clothes, pets and more• New pets: new pets can be added and upgraded• New vehicles: new vehicles can be bought from the shop and equipped• New weapons: weapons can be upgraded, improved and have special properties• New buildings: new buildings can be built• New music: new music can be played, and sounds can be changed• New sounds: new sounds can play, and can be modified• New cars: new cars can be used as building materials• New animals: new animals can be purchased from the store and equipped as pets and pets can use the same weapons as the player• New events: new events can be found in cities and villages, and the player can find other players and teams on the world map• New graphics: new textures, and new character models• New characters: Sim 3 is now able to be used with any sims in the house• New textures: new faces, clothes and accessories• New objects: new objects can be equipped• A new item system: new items can be acquired through the shop, and items can also be sold in shops• New quests: new quests can be completed in the city, or you can travel to a location on the map to start a new quest• New content: new challenges can be unlocked, such as challenging a sim to a race or a specific event• New gameplay: new ways to interact with the game, including new items, buildings and weapons• New interface: new controls and UI improvements• New art: new art, character models, animations and moreNew content added:• City missions• Story missions• Adventure missions• Races• Races in cities• Events• The world map (including new areas, areas for players to explore, and a new “story” mode)• Sim 3 can now be used in multiplayer• New multiplayer game modes• New achievements• New leaderboards• A whole host of other improvements and bug fixesHave you downloaded Sim 3 2?

What are your thoughts on the update?

Let us know in the comments below.

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